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Every organization benefits from an in-house newsletter to promote, reflect, and share the interests of its membership. The National Milk Glass Collectors Society has published such a newsletter for the past 14 years, beginning in February 1985 with a modest single sheet fold-over leaflet issued bimonthly that has since grown to its present size ranging from 18 to 24 pages published quarterly.

Immodestly perhaps, we believe Opaque News currently ranks among the top publications being produced today by glass clubs and associations. Each issue contains a mix of articles to serve two essential functions: (1) a primary means of exchanging information directly with and for our membership; and (2) a significant vehicle for the publication of original, in-depth articles regarding the history, identification, and aesthetic values of "milk glass," a term used for opaque glass not only in white but in other colors as well, such as blue, pink, green, yellow, black, and combinations of colors known as slag, mosaic, or marbled glass.

While we do not impose a rigorous standard format to the newsletter, each issue contains recurring features that have evolved over the years. Messages from the president, the editors, and other communications relating to the society's affairs, its annual meetings, sales of commemoratives, secretary and treasurer reports, and similar matters are addressed strictly to the membership. But the larger portion of each issue addresses the substantive concerns of all lovers and collectors of milk glass. Among these one may find:

Opaque News Articles

To illustrate the type of articles that the newsletter publishes, here are a few examples from past issues of Opaque News.

Back Copies of Opaque News

Prior issues of the newsletter are available from the NMGCS Librarian.

Members may order back copies for any year beginning with 1985. Each year consists of four quarterly issues (March, June, September, December). The cost is only $12.00 per each year ordered.